Ten Character Traits Worth Developing

Cultivating good character traits is critical for personal and professional success. Honesty, integrity, and responsibility go a long way in building trust in both personal and professional relationships.

Z. Hereford

character traits
character traits

Several years ago, I stumbled upon this article on Ten Character Traits Worth Developing in the Detroit Free Press. The Character Counts Coalition submitted it to the paper.

It is a wonderful set of principles and guidelines to live by that will never steer you wrong.

The 10 Character Traits

1. Be Honest. Tell the truth; be sincere; don't mislead or withhold key information in relationships of trust; don't steal.

2. Demonstrate integrity. Stand up for your beliefs about right and wrong; be your best self; resist social pressure to do wrong.

3. Keep promises. Keep your word and honor your commitments; pay your debts and return what you borrow.

4. Be loyal. Stand by family, friends, employers, community, and country; don't talk about people behind their backs.

5. Be responsible. Think before you act, consider the consequences, be accountable, and "take your medicine."

6. Pursue excellence. Do your best with what you have; don't quit easily.

7. Be kind and caring. Show you care through generosity and compassion; don't be selfish or mean.

8. Treat all people with respect. Be courteous and polite, judge all people on their merits, be tolerant and appreciative and accept individual differences.

9. Be fair. Treat all people fairly; be open-minded; listen to others and try to understand what they say and feel.

10. Be a good citizen. Obey the law and respect authority; vote, volunteer your efforts, and protect the environment.

These principles are also an excellent basis for developing a Personal Value System. As mentioned, you cannot go wrong by using them to guide your actions.

These character traits also facilitate the development of solid friendships, good careers, and just as importantly, they establish an excellent foundation for success in life.